FundingBox Deep Tech Fund

Meet our team

Iwona Cymerman

Founding Partner

Startup founder, mentor and advisor. Director of acceleration programs. Former scientist.

Tomasz Mazuryk

Founding Partner

Entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder and seed investor in and FundingBox startup platform.

Tomasz Józefacki


Serial angel investor, digital strategy expert and startup founder. Former senior corporate executive.

Anna Dymowska


Advisor and European project manager. Public funding and compliance specialist.


glucose measurement

Breaking bias
in tech

Patient specific

Big data
monitoring framework

AI & robotics
car inspection solution

AI voice assistant

Digital contracts
for the remote era

New generation
of parametric insurance

AI-based dynamic insurance
pricing software

New talent
screening platform

Legal process
automation platform

certificate maker

Trust services
integration platform

Auction platform
for debt trading

Personal data protection
management platform

Product lifecycle
management platform

Fleet monitoring and
optimization platform